#Week 4: Rap lyrics on Kubernetes? [DoK intern Series]

#Week 4: Rap lyrics on Kubernetes? [DoK intern Series]


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Hey everyone, Thank you very much for following along me on my journey of Community Management Intern at DoK. If you don't know I have been documenting my journey every week and this is my 4th week experience blog and learning. From last couple of blogs I have been telling you that I have been assigned a interesting project and today I will be discussing about it and tell you how can you get involved in it too. So let's get started

What is Kubernetes and why should you care about data on it (In lame terms)?

If you are not familiar with Kubernetes then I will try to explain it in lame terms. Consider it as a tech (I know it's a tech already). But when it was built then it was build keeping statelessness in mind. But after some time it was found that we can obtain statefullness in it. And that what our community does. It organises sessions and talks to spread awareness and dig deep into this topic.

So what is Rap lyrics on Kubernetes?

As you might know that the unique thing about our community is that it has a bit of artistic/musical touch to it. Our rapper Bart Farrell raps for our every session and speaker. So we have the the rap lyrics that we host on some platforms. So now what we are trying to do is writing these lyrics on database (which one we will discuss ahead) and then run that database on kubernetes (Makes sense?).

Tech stack we are using

We (team) had discussion about the tech stack we are going to use. If you are looking forward to contribute then we are open to suggestions and discussions. we are going to use this primarily

  1. Spotify API (To host and fetch the rap lyrics)
  2. k8ssandra (as a db to write the rap onto it)

Architecture we are following:


So, if this excites you and you would like to contribute to it then you can go to our Slack and then join #genius-rap-to-k8s-database channel so that you can discuss and contribute to the project.

And that's all for this blog. I learned many thing and got opportunity to learn many interesting things with this project. If you liked reading this blog then make sure you like this blog and subscribe to the newsletter for constant updates about the project.

Thank you so much for reading ๐Ÿ’–

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