#Week 2: New project and new task [DoK intern Series]

#Week 2: New project and new task [DoK intern Series]


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Hey everyone, As you are familiar that I have joined Data on Kubernetes Community as an intern and I complete my 2 weeks of being in the team. If you haven't read my experience of the first week then you should definitely check it out here. So let's get started with my learning and experience of this week.

Getting started with week

This week I was pretty comfortable with all the tools and technologies 'DoK' uses and I had a clear idea about how the organization works and how people collaborate. My bonding with the team became so good.

I was assigned some tasks and the first half of the week went as usual. We had daily standup meetings where I used to put forward my tasks for the day and then received some suggestions on how I could be able to complete these tasks efficiently.

Getting assigned a new task for every week

But this week we (all interns) were introduced to some new task which we have to complete every week. This task is called Non-DoK/ Non Work task. As the title suggests we have to do something every week which is not associated with DoK or work in general. Be that by nurturing a hobby or just catching up with our friends. I really liked this concept as this ensures that the people working in the community are giving proper time for themselves and are not getting burnt out. In this Covid situation when separating work from off time is a difficult task and introducing the importance of off-time in the form of weekly tasks is what interested me a lot.

Also, I have been assigned a very interesting project which actually aligns with core principles and the existence of DoK. I would be talking about the project in the coming weeks. Also, we are going to introduce many interesting initiatives so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and all DoK socials for instants updates.

And that was pretty much it. Thank you so much for reading along so long. I really appreciate that. Also a quick note. I have stopped video documenting my DoK journey due to some reason. But I really liked your response to my first video. I am working on some ideas hope I would be able to announce about them soon!

Thank you so much for reading ๐Ÿ’–

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