🌠Importance of Personal Branding🌠

🌠Importance of Personal Branding🌠

📌 1. Personal Branding

Marketing yourself in today's professional world:

  • It's about more than just a resume
  • Pull together your many platforms with a unified brand
    • Social ( LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, etc)
    • GitHub
    • Stack Overflow
    • Personal website/portfolio
    • Make it uniquely you!

Take time to reflect on who you are:

  • What values matter to you?
  • How do you want others to see you?

##📌 2. Online Presence

LinkedIn Profile:

  • Like a sibling or cousin to your resume
    • Very similar but not identical.
  • Complete profile:
    • Include photo
    • Add certifications, awards, etc.
    • Turn on the "Seeking opportunities" option for recruiters
  • Give and request recommendations
    • Ensure there are people you trust

Social media Scrub:

  • Google yourself.
  • Check privacy on all profiles
  • Ensure content presents you in a professional light.

##📌 3. Job Applications:

Great job search resources

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Company career pages


  • Expanded version of LinkedIn profile
  • 1-2 Pages in length (1 page preferable)
  • High-level summary at the top is great.
  • Add key metrics wherever possible

##📌 4. Networking with a purpose:

Utilize your network whenever possible

  • LinkedIn messages
  • Coffee chats
  • Informational interviews

Target appropriately

  • Be thoughtful about who you reach out to.
  • Always be respectful of people and their time.
  • Be SPECIFIC with your ask.

Think of networking as a long game

##📌 5. Interview Tips:

General tips

  • On point from the first email.
  • Appropriate active for interview.
    • If unsure ask!
  • You do not need a printed resume.
  • Always have questions
    • The more thoughtful the better.
    • Show you have done your research.

Good sample question

  • What do you view as the most challenging aspect of this role?
  • What does success look like in this role?
  • Is there anything else I can provide regarding my candidacy for this role?

##📌 FAQ

  1. How do you know what to include in your resume and what not if your resume exceeds the 1 page standards? --> Details to past roles of responsibilities you had. Past work, Personal projects, what impact did you make, etc. Try to stick to whatever you did max 3 years ago.

  2. Is having a strong LinkedIn profile necessary for networking? --> Not necessarily. Ofcourse it helps but there are many other ways to network.

  3. How do you deal with thoughts like an I boasting etc if you're trying to talk about your achievements? --> As you grow in your experience not necessarily work experience but the technical experience you will have a sense of confidence which will overpass your feeling of boasting.

  4. How do we make our goals and values stand out among the masses as many share some goals in common? --> The best way to come up with your values and goals is to showcase who you really are, what do you know. Don't fake anything.

  5. What type of messages should you send us a note while connecting on LinkedIn? --> Be respectful and be aware that you are taking their time. Be thoughtful but to the point. Mention why do you want to connect. Keep it as polite, concise, and to the point as possible.

You can see the entire session with QNA here

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